Ingvar the Far-Travelled

Day 5 - Enköping

On my fifth day of runestone riding, I went to the town of Enköping on the north side of lake Mälaren, where there are three Ingvar runestones. Unfortunately, one of them was locked inside a church.

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U 778 - Svinnegarn

Jul 4, 2021

This runestone is incorporated into the wall of the inside of the porch of the Svinnegarn church.

U 785 - Tillinge

Jul 4, 2021

U 785 stands by the west wall of the church in Tillinge, west of the town Enköping.

U 837 - Alsta

Jul 4, 2021

It’s broken in half, and split, so it’s not even sure that it’s part of the Ingvar stones.