Day 4 - South of lake Mälaren

Sö 105 - Högstena

Jun 20, 2021

Sö 105 stands next to the road close to Högstena. It was raised by Holmvid in memory of his son Torbjörn who travelled with Ingvar the Far-Travelled.

Parts of the coloring of this runestone is missing, and it’s a bit weathered.


᛬ ᚼᚢᛚᛘᚢᛁᚦᚱ ᛬ -ᚦᛁ-ᛋ… …ᛦ …ᚢᚱ–ᚱ- ᛋᚢᚾ ᚼᛅᚾ ᛬ ᚢᛅᛦ ᛬ ᚠᛅ-ᛁᚾ ᛬ ᛘᛁ- ᛬ ᛁᚴᚢᛅᚱᛁ ×+


“Holmvid … Torbjörn, his son. He travelled with Ingvar.”