Ingvar the Far-Travelled

Day 3 - Södermanland

In Södermanland there are many Ingvar runestones. On my third day riding, I visited five of them.

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Sö 131 - Lundby

Jun 13, 2021

Richard Dybeck excavated this runestone in the mid-19th century, when only a few inches of it was above ground.

Sö 173 - Tystberga

Jun 13, 2021

A kilometer to the east of Tystberga church, by a dirt road, there stands three runestones.

Sö 320 - Stäringe

Jun 13, 2021

At the western corner of Stäringe manor house, Sö 320 stands in the park near the entrance bridge.

Sö 360 - Blacksta

Jun 13, 2021

Broken in half, but still standing. The runestone Sö 360 is not confirmed to be an Ingvar runestone, as the end of the inscription is missing.

Sö 9 - Lifsinge

Jun 13, 2021

About half a kilometer out into an overgrown field in Lifsinge stands the runestone designated Sö 9. It stood close to a graveyard that is now gone.