Ingvar the Far-Travelled

Day 2 - Sigtuna

Near the town Sigtuna, where the king lived, there are three runestones mentioning Ingvar the Far-Travelled. I also rode to Arlanda airport, where a recently found huge runestone has been moved into one of the terminals.

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U 644 - Ekilla bridge

Jun 6, 2021

This runestone was found in the foundation of a bridge, and was moved 25 meters north of the bridge in 1860. It was raised in memory of the same man as on U 654.

U 654 - Varpsund

Jun 6, 2021

Standing three meters tall on top of a small hill next to the road on a peninsula, this runestone would have been visible by anyone travelling by land or water.

U 661 - Råby

Jun 6, 2021

In a gravefield about 500 meters to the south of the church in Råby, this runestone stands among other historical monuments.

U Fv1992;157 - Arlanda

Jun 6, 2021

A large runestone found when a road was constructed near the Arlanda airport to the north of Stockholm in the year 1990.