30 runestones in 8 days

A motorcycle adventure visiting 30 runestones about Ingvar the Far-Travelled's viking campaign

Ingvar the Far-Travelled

Day 1 - South of Stockholm

May 30, 2021

I’m starting my travels by visiting a runestone to the south of Stockholm, in Vansta.

Day 2 - Sigtuna

Jun 6, 2021

Near the town Sigtuna, where the king lived, there are three runestones mentioning Ingvar the Far-Travelled. I also rode to Arlanda airport, where a recently found huge runestone has been moved into one of the terminals.

Day 3 - Södermanland

Jun 13, 2021

In Södermanland there are many Ingvar runestones. On my third day riding, I visited five of them.

Day 4 - South of lake Mälaren

Jun 20, 2021

On the south side of lake Mälaren, I visited no less than 10 runestones or fragments. This was probably the longest day of my runestone rides this summer.

Day 5 - Enköping

Jul 4, 2021

On my fifth day of runestone riding, I went to the town of Enköping on the north side of lake Mälaren, where there are three Ingvar runestones. Unfortunately, one of them was locked inside a church.

Day 6 - Västerås

Jul 11, 2021

At the far western side of lake Mälaren, near the town Västerås, I visited two more Ingvar runestones.

Day 7 - Norrköping

Jul 12, 2021

A four hour ride on small roads to the south of Stockholm, near the town Norrköping, there were three Ingvar runestones.

Day 8 - North of Sweden

Jul 13, 2021

The two last runestones are found further north in Sweden. I visited these while driving my car north for my vacation.